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So what's a Christian exactly?

To view a VIDEO giving much more information, please click HERE

During the last three years of His earthly life, Jesus taught many people about God, and about the close relationship that God wanted to have with them.  Many of those people became followers or
disciples of Jesus. 

Later, He began to teach his disciples that he was going to be executed by crucifixion, not because He had done anything wrong, but to pay the price for
their sins, and for the sins of all those who would come to believe in Him.

Three days after Jesus was executed by crucifixion as a criminal, died and was buried, He
rose from the dead.  He was seen to be alive again by many witnesses--including, on one occasion, a crowd of over five hundred people.

He did not die again, but was taken up into heaven, and this was witnessed by some of His disciples, who were with Him at the time.  Just before this, He told His disciples that he would always be with them, till the end of time, and that they should go out and teach others about him, making more disciples. 

They did just as He had told them, and more and more people became disciples of Jesus--people who called Him
Lord--or master--and Saviour--i.e. one who saved them. 

Several years later, they invented the word
Christian, in a place called Antioch, as a word that meant a disciple of Jesus Christ. 

Today, 2,000 years later, there are millions of Christians throughout the world, following their living Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, speaking with Him regularly, and deliberately intending, with His supernatural guidance and help, to live their lives for Him. 

We have made a 15 minute video, giving much more detail - to view the video, please click