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Here are some of the members of the Sunday School, with plants they grew as part of a project, last year.  Sunday School leader and teacher Emma (on the right) says:

To a lot of people the word Sunday School is very off-putting.  It conjures pictures of long boring Sunday afternoons spent in a dusty church hall learning bible stories by heart...

Well, one thing at least has changed.  There are very few Sunday Schools which meet on a Sunday afternoon.  Most meet on a Sunday morning at the same time as the adult members of the church are having their service, so that the children can come in and share a bit of it.

Our Sunday school meets at
9:30 am in the church hall, then they go in to church at about 10:45 to join in the last 10 minutes of the service.

Another thing that's probably changed is the way the children are taught. Children will only come along on a Sunday morning if they are going to
have a good time!  So anything described as "boring" is definitely out!

The children follow a lively programme which includes fun and games, activity sheets based on the week's Bible story and also making a range of crafts for different occasions throughout the year.

We also have a lively social programme with parties, outings to places like the pantomime and bowling and in the summer have a number of games afternoons, which include me inventing a lot of very silly and most of the time very wet games where fun is had by all, children and teachers alike.

The age for starting Sunday School is four, provided they are happy to stay by themselves (or an adult is welcome to stay with the younger children until they get used to us). We have three age groups 4-6, 7-10 and 11+. The children usually stay in Sunday School until the age of about fourteen, then they might like to either become Sunday School helpers, help out in the Sunday service or if they enjoy singing join the choir.

We meet on a Sunday morning, and any child is welcome to come along whenever they would like to.

(To find out a bit about Emma, click her name above--she's the one on the right in the picture above)