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In the Church of England children who are too young to make a decision for themselves to become a Christian, I.e. to follow Christ, are baptised  on the understanding that they are going to be brought up and encouraged in the Christian faith, and parents and godparents make promises on their behalf, and undertake to bring them up in the Christian faith, and to help them by their example of Christian living, including regular public worship (church) and private prayer.  When a person is confirmed, he or she is confirming as an adult the promises that were made for them as a child, when they were baptised.

A Confirmation service takes place at one of the three Darlaston Churches each year, usually in December. This is a service led by a Bishop, who prays for each person being Confirmed to be especially blessed by God's Holy Spirit to help them in their life as a Christian.   In being Confirmed, a person is making his or her own decision to follow Christ.

Confirmation preparation at St Lawrence's starts in the autumn, when we meet once each week to look at the implications of confirmation and at the basics of the Christian faith.   Each group is led by the Rector and the meetings are always informal, which enables us to study the Christian faith in an enjoyable way.

At present, we are using a 9 week course which takes us through what Christians believe.  The course does not assume any previous knowledge of the Bible, but encourages group members to form their own opinions. There is no pressure: whether or not each member of the group decides to go ahead with Confirmation is for them to decide.